Module that contains functions that allow you to manage working with work log markdown files
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# WorkLog Module
# About [***Back to top***](#Title)

Module that contains functions that allow you to manage working with 'Work Log' markdown files

I created this module to quickly give me the ability to do basic file management for the markdown files I use for daily Work Logs, including getting the status/patch of the current Work Log file, creating a new Work Log file and adding new entries to the current Work Log file.

Functions include:

  • Get-WorkLog
  • New-WorkLog
  • Add-WorkLog
# Installation [***Back to top***](#Title)
  1. Clone, Fork or download the .zip of the master source code
  • To download, you can copy/paste this into a PowerShell console, and it will download the module into your Downloads directory.
(New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadFile("","$ENV:USERPROFILE\Downloads\")
  1. If you download the source:
  • Un-Block the .zip before un-zipping
  • Un-zip the source code
  1. Move the 'WorkLog' directory into a valid PSModulePath directory
  • You can run the following, in PowerShell, to list valid directories:
$ENV:PSModulePath -split ';'
  • Open PowerShell and run:
Import-Module WorkLog
  • Note: You may need to adjust your ExecutionPolicy
  1. Make sure you update the $Path variables in each function. The default path location is:
  • $ENV:USERPROFILE\Documents\GitHub\WorkLog
# Examples [***Back to top***](#Title) ### New-WorkLog * ``New-WorkLog -Verbose`` * ``New-WorkLog -Path $WorkFileWorkingDirectory -Verbose``


Add-WorkLog 'This message will get added to the current Work Log file. If one does not exist, the file will be created'

You can use the -Indent parameter to support a hierarchy within your Work Log files

Add-WorkLog 'This message will indent one level, and appear as a bullet under the previous post' -Indent 1

Note: When using -Indent, you may need to use Get-WorkLog if you don't remember what the current nesting level is.



This function uses Get-Content to display what the current Work Log file contents are, within the PowerShell console