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Some modifications for a Vagrantfile adding some additional usefull actions.
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  Some 'addons' for vagrant to speed up development.


  To use these, clone the vagrant-addons repo in your vagrant project folder and
  add the following lines to your Vagrantfile:

  ## Enable the addons.
  load File.expand_path('../vagrant-addons/Vagrantaddons', __FILE__)


  vagrant config                       # Some Vagrantfile configuration tools
  vagrant config help [COMMAND]        # Describe subcommands or one specific subcommand
  vagrant config multivm_gen           # Generate multivm statements for all installed boxes


  vagrant puppet                       # Do all sorts of fun stuff with puppet
  vagrant puppet help [COMMAND]        # Describe subcommands or one specific subcommand
  vagrant puppet master                # Control a contained puppetmaster instance
                                       # See `vagrant puppetmaster`
  vagrant puppet mkdirs                # Create a default puppet structure
  vagrant puppet module_add [NAME]     # Add an existing puppet module to your modules
    -f, [--force=FORCE]                # Force adding this module: overwrites 
                                       # existing module with same name
  vagrant puppet module_create [NAME]  # Create a new puppet module structure

  vagrant puppetmaster                 # Control a contained puppetmaster instance
  vagrant puppetmaster help [COMMAND]  # Describe subcommands or one specific subcommand
  vagrant puppetmaster genconfig       # Generate a puppetmaster configuration setup
        [--puppetport=N]               # 
        [--manifestdir=MANIFESTDIR]    # 
        [--modulepath=MODULEPATH]      # 
        [--bindaddress=BINDADDRESS]    # 
    -n, [--name=NAME]                  # A custom name for the puppetmaster. This is also 
                                       # used as target folder where the configuration will 
                                       # be setup.
                                       # Default: puppetmaster
        [--masterport=N]               # 

  vagrant puppetmaster todo            # A todo list of that needs to be done to get this working

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