This is a demo API documentation template intended for the VA.
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VA API Documentation Demo

This is a demo API documentation template for the Department of Veterans Affairs. It is not an official government project, and is being developed independently, trying to help give the agency direction with their API documentation efforts.

It is a standalone, Jekyll-driven API landing page that can be deployed with GitHub, using GitHub pages. It has a single web page (index.html) which is dynamically driven from the content within the config.yml file for this project.

The config file for this site is meant to be a minimum viable API documentation checklist for developers, helping ensure all APIs at the VA are being properly documented. Providing a forkable template that any API team can use to deliver their API documentation using GitHub.

This project is created and maintained by Kin Lane (@kinlane) the API Evangelist (@apievangelist). Feel free to fork and use as you wish, and submit GitHub issues if you have any questions.

You can view the public side of this project at: