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Shegon is a library for serving ClojureScript assets (during development).

It provides a function (include-cljs "my.module" "another.one") which returns a series of <script> tags to use, and a REPL right in your browser, which is able to reload code from your modules on the fly, without reloading a page.

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Serving ClojureScript

This is pretty straight-forward:

  1. Add [shegon "0.1.1"] to your :dependencies
  2. Use (shegon.server/include-cljs "my.cljs.module" "another.one") to get <script> tags, for example when rendering the <head> tag.

Please note that all the modules should be on your classpath (unlike when using cljsbuild), for example in your src folder!

It works by running a special server inside your app and giving you links to the compiled javascripts served using that very server. I hope it's not too intrusive, you should hardly notice it if I've done it right.

A screenshot:

script tags

Please note that CLJS is compiled when you use (include-cljs), not when the file is served! If you don't want to run your own server to develop JS, try the next section: REPL.


Shegon REPL is a ClojureScript REPL which runs right on the webpage. I'll make including it into your own webpage easier one day, for now you can just use the special REPL page:

here we go


If you want to use it in your project, try the first section (Serving ClojureScript) about how to install shegon. The very same server which serves the compiled JS serves the REPL. Open and behold. (If you are still not using (include-cljs), there is a function (shegon.server/run-if-not-running)). Take a look:

loading modules

If you don't want to create any projects you can install a lein plugin. Add [lein-shegon "0.1.1"] to your :user :plugins setting in ~/.lein/profiles.clj. If the file is still empty this should work:

{:user {:plugins [[lein-shegon "0.1.1"]]}}

If it's not you already know what to do.

After that you can just run:

lein shegon

And open to get REPL'd.

If you run it inside of a project it could use its classpath to require stuff but it does not yet :( So use (run-if-not-running) inside projects.


If you're using the library, consider dropping me a message at me@valyagolev.net about how it goes. Or ping me at Twitter: @valyagolev . It's very new and I'm hoping to find out how to make it better.


Copyright (C) 2013 Valentin Golev (me@valyagolev.net)

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.