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vA3C Read Me

Mission: View AEC building models in 3D with any web browser using the Three.js library

Links of Note relating to the Hackathon

Viewer Demos

Live Demo: vA3C Viewer (R1)

  • Prize-winning version as released at the New York AEC Hackathon, May 18 2014
  • Click settings icon at top right to access the main menu

Post Hackathon Updates


vA3C Homepage

vA3C Viewer / vA3C Hacker

vA3C Hacker Source Code

vA3C Viewer 3D model viewer Source Code

Cookbook source code


Grasshopper plugin to export three.json files that can be loaded by the vA3C viewer


Revit va3c exporter


Building Examples in JSON Format


A hacked modification to v4 json format from original v3 exporter found here:

Forked Repos

There are several repos here that are forks of other people's projects. These forks allow the vA3C Viewer to access their data files.

These forks include the following:

  • Three.js
  • Stemkoski's Three.js Example Files
  • AlgeSurf
  • FGx Aircraft

Hats off to all of these nice sources...