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vA3C Viewer / vA3C Hacker

Web page version Source code version

This read me provides an overview of the several vA3C Viewer projects.

Currently, most effort is being put on vA3C Viewer HTML5

Veritable Hackathon Work Product

Full Screen Live Demo (R1): vA3C Viewer

Single File Viewers

  • Test scripts made during the Hackathon until the viewer supported permalinks


Post-Hackathon Wonderments

vA3C Hacker

The disruptive spinoff...

Live demo: http://va3c.github.io/viewer/va3c-hacker/latest/
Read Me: http://va3c.github.io/viewer/va3c-hacker
GitHub source: https://github.com/va3c/viewer/tree/gh-pages/va3c-hacker

  • Narrative/Storyline-based user interface
  • Cornucopia of content
  • Designed to be easy for you to beg/borrw/steal
  • Everything load on demand

vA3C Viewer HTML5

This version is built simply using Three.js and HTML5.

The name 'vA3C Viewer HTML5' leaves open the possibility that there might be a 'vA3C Viewer Dat.gui' and other spin-off projects.

Live demo: http://va3c.github.io/viewer/va3c-viewer-html5/latest/
Read Me: http://va3c.github.io/viewer/va3c-viewer-html5/
GitHub source: https://github.com/va3c/viewer/tree/gh-pages/va3c-viewer-html5

Features include:

  • Mouse-over attribute display
  • Open files locally or by URL
  • Save current parameters to permalinks
  • Open 'bundles' of pre-selected files
  • Edit position, rotation and scale of models
  • Select trackball or first person cameras

vA3C Editor R1

This version is forked from the Three.js Editor

Live demo: http://va3c.github.io/viewer/va3c-editor/r1/va3c-editor-r1.html
Read me: http://va3c.github.io/viewer/va3c-editor/readme-reader.html
GitHub source: https://github.com/va3c/viewer/tree/gh-pages/va3c-editor

Features include:

  • Export by saving directly to file
  • Permalink support to open files. See vA3C Samples
  • Toggle display of UI
  • Move meshes to new Object 3D a parent
  • Transparent theme
  • Support for Revit attributes in parent object
  • About box

vA3C Cookbook

Files to help you get started with, for example, building apps that work with Open Studio

Read me: http://va3c.github.io/viewer/cookbook/
GitHub source: https://github.com/va3c/viewer/tree/gh-pages/cookbook


Work in Progress: WordPress Plugin: 3D Model viewer based off of the va3c model viewer


Sample Files

3D Warehouse Samples
NASA Samples