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Report Birt

This is a BIRT Report module for OpenERP. It's a very early alpha.

Fairly simple and small, It covers:

  • connection to birt-viewer web server to request reports
  • configurable URL parameters

So you can easily use BIRT as report engine in OpenERP.


Many thanks to CARIF-OREF La Réunion which has funded the near entirety of the developpement of this code.


Was tested successfully with:

  • OpenERP 6.0.3
  • OpenERP 6.1
  • OpenERP 7.0

report_birt needs the python requests module (Requests: HTTP for Humans) to be installed. You could install it with:

pip install requests

Then, you'll need a running instance of birt-viewer of course.

You can download it here:

You are looking for the birt-runtime which contains a birt-viewer.war that you can install on a running tomcat server as a webapp.

Then you'll need a report from BIRT. This report should use some URL parameters, these will be fed by OpenERP.


Don't forget to run the ./ to set the module version and compute the Changelog.

Install as any OpenERP module.


  1. Ensure that you are are an OpenERP administrator with Extended Interface.

  2. Then go to the "Settings" Tab,

  3. And in the left menu, follow Customization / Low Level Objects / Actions / Reports

  4. You can create a new report, in the Report Type input write the string birt, then quit this field. A new tab named Birt should appear.

    A common configuration could be:

    Birt Url:
    Report file: myreport.rptdesign
    Output format: pdf

    Then in the parameters, you could send parameters which would be evaled by OpenERP python.