Table caching rate shouldn't be causing additional calls of getItemIds #3280

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Originally by ondrej-kvasnovsky

When we create table and container like this:

Table table = new Table("Lazy loaded table");

LazyLoadedContainer container = new LazyLoadedContainer(User.class);

class LazyLoadedContainer extends BeanContainer {

    // ...

    public int size() {
        return userService.count();

    public List getItemIds(int startIndex, int numberOfIds) {
        int endIndex = startIndex + numberOfIds;
        List list = userService.list(startIndex, endIndex);
        return list;

Then (I would say) only one call of getItemIds should happen when the table is rendered first time. But two calls are done actually.

startIndex: 0, endIndex: 15
startIndex: 0, endIndex: 766

Would it be possible to avoid the first call?

startIndex: 0, endIndex: 15

Imported from issue #10473


Originally by @Artur-

A lot of tickets have been left hanging in the issue tracker through the years. Some of them are still relevant, some of them have been fixed a long time ago and some are no longer valid. To get a better look on what is important and still relevant, we are closing old tickets which have not been touched in a long time.

No further work will be done on this ticket unless someone indicates that it's still relevant.

If this ticket is still relevant to you, please reopen it.

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