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Vaadin Spreadsheet Tutorial

This is the final code produced by the Vaadin Spreadsheet Tutorial.

Running the example

The following command starts a jetty server, the result is then browseable by navigating to http://localhost:8080

mvn jetty:run

Importing in Eclipse

Make sure you have "Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers" and Maven integration "m2e-wtp" installed. You will get Eclipse from and plugins through Help -> Eclipse Marketplace... menu

To checkout and run the project from Eclipse, do:

  • File -> Import...
  • Check out Maven Projects from CMS
  • Choose Git from SCM menu and set URL to git://
    • If you do not see "Git" in the SCM menu, click "Find more SCM connectors in the m2e Marketplace" and install "m2e-egit"
  • Now you should have a "spreadsheet-tutorial" project in your workspace
  • To run it, right click and choose Run As -> Run on Server
  • Start experimenting

Note that if you are missing EGit plugin, "Maven SCM Handler for EGit" or a local server to run the project on, you will be asked to install these while doing the above.