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Zeal for Sublime Text

Zeal integration for Sublime Text. Zeal is an offline documentation browser which similar to Dash.

Tested on Windows & Linux.


  • F1 - Search for the currently selected word. Shows a selection list if multiple docsets match for the current file.

    code docset list

  • Shift F1 - Custom search in Zeal docsets.

    custom search


The easiest way to install the package is to use Package Control. Choose Package Control: Install Package in the Command Palette (Ctrl Shift P) and select "Zeal" from the list.

Using Git

Go to your Sublime Text Packages directory and clone the repository using the command below:

$ git clone "Zeal"

Download Manually

  1. Download the files using the GitHub .zip download option.
  2. Unzip the files and rename the folder to Zeal.
  3. Copy the folder to your Sublime Text Packages directory.


Select Preferences: Zeal Settings form the command palette to open the configuration files.

If your zeal executable cannot be found by default, change the zeal_command setting.

To add more docsets to choose from, add entries to the docsets_user list.

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