A simple package to run Drupal drush from Sublime Text editor.
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Sublime Text 2/3 Drush Package

A simple package to run Drupal drush from Sublime Text editor.


Drush Insert Command
Open command bar with alt+shift+d (Windows)

Drush Results
Drush results

For a complete list of drush commands, please visit the official site.


Easiest way to install the plugin is to use Package Control.

Alternatively you can clone with git directly into Packages directory in the Sublime Text application settings area. The directory name must be Drush without quotes.

Using Git

Go to your Sublime Text Packages directory and clone the repository using the command below:

git clone https://github.com/vaanwd/sublime_drush "Drush"

Download Manually

  • Download the files using the GitHub .zip download option
  • Unzip the files and rename the folder to Drush
  • Copy the folder to your Sublime Text Packages directory


Sublime Drush is a simple plugin that allows execution of drush commands from Sublime Text Editor.

To use, you must enable input console with alt + shift + d (Win / Linux) or shift + super + d (Mac).

From the Sublime menu Preferences->Package Settings->Drush->Settings - User you can set the path to drush utility and other arguments.

For example you can set answer "yes" to all questions required by drush adding:

"drush_args": "--yes",

You can also set the arguments used by drush for each Sublime project accesed from Sublime menu Project->Edit Project.

An example for PROJECT.sublime-project:

      "path": "/E/UwAmp/www/drupal7"
      "drush_args": "--uri=http://d7.com"

NOTE: You should avoid introducing identical parameters in Drush.sublime-settings file and PROJECT.sublime-project to avoid incorrect operations.

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