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Creates a .csv file of all players in the English Player League with their respective team and total fantasy points
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A FPL library that gets all the basic stats for each player, gw-specific data for each player and season history of each player


  • speeder1987 for providing 2018/19 fixtures.csv file


Data Structure

The data folder contains the data from past seasons as well as the current season. It is structured as follows:

  • season/cleaned_players.csv : The overview stats for the season
  • season/gws/gw_number.csv : GW-specific stats for the particular season
  • season/gws/merged_gws.csv : GW-by-GW stats for each player in a single file
  • season/players/player_name/gws.csv : GW-by-GW stats for that specific player
  • season/players/player_name/history.csv : Prior seasons history stats for that specific player.

Player Position Data

In players_raw.csv, element_type is the field that corresponds to the position. 1 = GK 2 = DEF 3 = MID 4 = FWD


  • If you feel like there is some data that is missing which you would like to see, then please feel free to create a PR or create an issue highlighting what is missing and what you would like to be added
  • If you have access to old data (pre-2016) then please feel free to create Pull Requests adding the data to the repo or create an issue with links to old data and I will add them myself.


If you use data from here for your website or blog posts, then I would humbly request that you please add a link back to this repo as the data source (and I would in turn add a link to your post/site as a notable usage of this repo).

Downloading Your Team Data

You can download the data for your team by executing the following steps:

python <team_id>
#Eg: python 4582

This will create a new folder called "team_<team_id>_data18-19" with individual files of all the important data

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