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Effective & simple & open-source launcher with minimalistic appearance.
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Effective & simple & open-source launcher with minimalistic appearance.


  • Run applications fast: when is search narrowed down to only one application, it can be automaticaly started (Autostart button).
  • Eliminate need for various apps: add any activity of any app on your device to list of apps (e.g. Wifi settings, ...).
  • Get rid of un-unistalable apps: hide any app from list of apps adding it to the hide list.
  • Improve readability of your list of applications: rename any app however you like.
  • Stay focused: icons of apps and wallpapers are not displayed. This also improves response.
  • Search naturally: The space character " " is mapped to the "any set of characters". (i.e. in terms of REGEX " " is replaced with "*." ) This feature is demostrated on the screenshot.
  • Advaced search using REGEX.
  • Includes basic widgets (Flashlight will be available in the update)
  • source code on XDA developers forum:

If you like this app buy me a coffee - PayPal Donate going to following https link.


This repository was moved from my previous github account ideasfrombrain.

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