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[DEPRECATED] Dashboard admin template made with React.js, Redux, Babel etc.
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[WIP] Administration dashboard template in React

This is an administration dashboard template made with React.js in ES6 JavaScript (using Babel as transpiler). That means there are reusable components and one-way reactive data flow is already implemented.

Screenshot of the template


- React.js
- Redux
- react-router
- Babel - ES6/ES2015 transpiler 
- Sass loader, Autoprefixer
- Lodash - utility library
- Webpack - module bundler
- ESLint - JS linter
- Browsersync - used as a server
- Mocha - tests
- Font awesome - icon font
- Bootstrap (only the grid)


Node.js is necessary to be installed.

git clone dashboard-template
cd dashboard-template
npm install
npm start

The template skeleton comes from React Slingshot.

If you experience any trouble running the app, please look at the link above before asking here.


This template is still work in progress. There are many things to be done such as:

  • add tests
  • test support on older browsers
  • add more UI elements - tooltips, user popover, buttons, more meaningful boxes to the dashboard
  • add Quick Settings box content
  • add optional action buttons to the DataTable
  • add UI responsiveness
  • refactor forms to be modular (make fields components etc.)
  • add form validation
  • edit data flow to match current best practices
  • ...
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