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Minimal Viable Data Sync Implementation
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Minimal Viable Data Sync

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Experimental implementation of the minimal viable data sync protocol specification.



Ensure you have protoc (Protobuf) and Golang installed. Then run make.


In order to run a very naive simulation, use the simulation command. The simulation is configurable using various CLI flags.

Usage of main.go:
  -communicating int
    	amount of nodes sending messages (default 2)
  -interactive int
    	amount of nodes to use INTERACTIVE mode, the rest will be BATCH (default 3)
  -interval int
    	seconds between messages (default 5)
  -nodes int
    	amount of nodes (default 3)
  -offline int
    	percentage of time a node is offline (default 90)
  -sharing int
    	amount of nodes each node shares with (default 2)


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details

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