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Co-authored-by: Oskar Thorén <>

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Co-authored-by: Oskar Thorén <>
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@@ -1,28 +1,34 @@
title: Waku
version: 2.0.0-alpha5
status: Raw
authors: Oskar Thorén <>
version: 2.0.0-beta1
status: Draft
authors: Oskar Thorén <>, Dean Eigenmann <>

# Table of Contents

- [Abstract](#abstract)
- [Content filtering](#content-filtering)
* [Rationale](#rationale)
* [Protobuf](#protobuf)
- [Changelog](#changelog)
- [Copyright](#copyright)
- [References](#references)

# Abstract

Filter spec.
`WakuFilter` is a protocol that enables subscribing to messages that a peer receives. This is a more lightweight version of `WakuRelay` specifically designed for bandwidth restricted devices. This is due to the fact that light nodes subscribe to full-nodes and only receive the messages they desire.

### Content filtering
# Content filtering

**Protocol identifier***: `/vac/waku/filter/2.0.0-alpha6`
**Protocol identifier***: `/vac/waku/filter/2.0.0-beta1`

Content filtering is a way to do [message-based
Currently the only content filter being applied is on `contentTopic`. This
corresponds to topics in Waku v1.

#### Rationale
## Rationale

Unlike the `store` protocol for historical messages, this protocol allows for
native lower latency scenarios such as instant messaging. It is thus
@@ -38,28 +44,15 @@ It is worth noting that a light node could get by with only using the `store`
protocol to query for a recent time window, provided it is acceptable to do
frequent polling.

#### Protobuf

TODO Consider adding a FilterResponse acting as a form of ACK

TODO Consider adding request id

TODO Clarify if Messages or a list of WakuMessage are pushed

TODO Specify unsubscribe mechanism and semantics

TODO Investigate if we need a way to communicate (handshake?) that we are a a client - server (full node - light node) or not.
NOTE I would imagine this is implied from the contentFilter, especially as two nodes can play multiple roles.

## Protobuf

message FilterRequest {
// space for optional request id
repeated ContentFilter contentFilters = 2;
optional string topic = 3;
string topic = 1;
ContentFilter contentFilters = 2;
message ContentFilter {
optional string contentTopics = 1;
string contentTopics = 1;
@@ -68,25 +61,23 @@ message MessagePush {
message FilterRPC {
string request_id = 1;
string requestId = 1;
FilterRequest request = 2;
MessagePush push = 3;

##### FilterRPC
#### FilterRPC

A node MUST send all Filter messages (`FilterRequest`, `MessagePush`) wrapped inside a
`FilterRPC` this allows the node handler to determine how to handle a message as the Waku
Filter protocol is not a request response based protocol but instead a push based system.

The `request_id` MUST be a uniquely generated string.

##### FilterRequest

TODO Specify mechanism for telling it won't honor (normal-no service-spam case)
The `requestId` MUST be a uniquely generated string. When a `MessagePush` is sent
the `requestId` MUST match the `requestId` of the `FilterRequest` whose filters
matched the message causing it to be pushed.

TODO Clarify exactly what we mean by connection and TTL
#### FilterRequest

A node that sends the RPC with a filter request requests that the filter node
SHOULD notify the light requesting node of messages matching this filter.
@@ -103,10 +94,10 @@ Since such a filter node is doing extra work for a light node, it MAY also
account for usage and be selective in how much service it provides. This
mechanism is currently planned but underspecified.

##### MessagePush
#### MessagePush

A filter node that has received a filter request SHOULD push all messages that
match this filter to a light node. These messages are likely to come from the
match this filter to a light node. These [`WakuMessage`'s](./ are likely to come from the
`relay` protocol and be kept at the Node, but there MAY be other sources or
protocols where this comes from. This is up to the consumer of the protocol.

@@ -120,6 +111,11 @@ implementation, though a reasonable default is one minute.


# Changelog

Initial draft version. Released 2020-10-05 <!-- @TODO LINK -->

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oskarth Oct 12, 2020

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@decanus you forgot release link

# Copyright

Copyright and related rights waived via
@@ -101,9 +101,9 @@ offline.

See [WakuStore]( spec for more details.

### Content filtering (experimental, alpha)
### Content filtering

**Protocol identifier***: `/vac/waku/filter/2.0.0-alpha5`
**Protocol identifier***: `/vac/waku/filter/2.0.0-beta1`

See [WakuFilter]( spec for more details.

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