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@jmuravsky jmuravsky released this Dec 11, 2019 · 26 commits to develop since this release

  • Merge pull request #545 from vacuumlabs/fix-serialise-javascript-vulnerability (2daf0b5)
  • fixed required version of serialise-javascript to avoid security vulnerability (f8dfd6b)
  • Preparations for typescript introduction (2047e9f, 0d9d9af, 5139e9e)
  • Merge pull request #535 from vacuumlabs/autologin-feature (b34b26d)
  • Add comment specifying use of autoLogin (478a107)
  • Ensure that autologin works only on local env (c73be19)
  • Rename auto login config variable (458d4e6)
  • Swap order of autologin conditions (3646574)
  • Move auto login into state, thus allowing logout (cfa3421)
  • Add automatic login feature (63aea92)
  • Merge pull request #531 from vacuumlabs/i-529-improve-loading-of-the-login-page (b327a52)
  • remove an unnecessary calc from .authentication-image-container (b1f73d5)
  • move trezor and ledger icon imports into one line (6ec9a98)
  • move trezor and ledger icons from pseudoelements to preact generated svg (9c48338)
  • put wallet images into 0 height divs, prevent content jumping (acf4d5f)
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