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UnityEngineAnalyzer is a set of Roslyn analyzers that aim to detect common problems in Unity3D C# code. Unity3D makes it easy for us to make cross platform games, but there are hidden rules about performance and AOT, which might only come with experience, testing or reading the forums. It is hoped that such problems can be caught before compilation.

Comand Line Interface

In order to use the Command Line Interface (CLI), download the latest release of UnityEngineAnalyzer then unzip the archive (

  1. Open a Command Prompt or Powershell Window
  2. Run UnityEngineAnalyzer.CLI.exe <project path>
  3. Observe the analysis results
  4. (Optional) In the same location as the project file are report.json and UnityReport.html files containig the results of the analysis
    • Use command -e customexporter exporter2 ... to load custom exporters
  5. (Optional) configuration file path.
    • Use command -c configureFilePath.json to load custom configurations
    • Configuration json, allows to enable / disable analyzers
  6. (Optional) minimal severity for reports
    • Use command -s Info/Warning/Error to defined used minimal severity for reporting
    • Default is Warning
  7. (Optional) Unity version for check
    • Use command -v UNITY_2017_1/UNITY_5_5/UNITY_4_0/... to Unity version
    • For default analyzer will try to find ProjectVersion.txt file and parse version automatically.


> UnityEngineAnalyzer.CLI.exe C:\Code\MyGame.CSharp.csproj

Visual Studio Integration

In Visual Studio 2015, go to Tools > Nuget Package Manager > Manage Nuget Packages for Solution.... Search for and install UnityEngineAnalyzer


Right-click Analyzers to modify the severity or to disable the rule completely.


  • HTML Report requires FireFox or XOR (Corss Origin Request) enabled in other browsers
  • It doesn't have rules for all of Mono's AOT Limitations
  • IL2CPP might change the limitations of AOT compilation

Below is a sample of all the rules available in this analyzer

// AOT0001: System.Runtime.Remoting is not suppported
using System.Runtime.Remoting;
// AOT0002: System.Reflection.Emit is not supported
using System.Reflection.Emit;
using UnityEngine;

class FooBehaviour : MonoBehaviour 
	void Start()
		// AOT0003: Reflection only works for looking up existing types

		// UEA0002: Using string methods can lead to code that is hard to maintain

		// UEA0006: Use of coroutines cause some allocations

	// UEA0001: Using OnGUI causes allocations and GC spikes
	void OnGUI()


	// UEA0003: Empty MonoBehaviour methods are executed and incur a small overhead
	void FixedUpdate()


	void OnTriggerEnter(Collider other)
		// UEA0004: Using CompareTag for tag comparison does not cause allocations
		if (other.tag == "")


	void Update()
		// UEA0005: Warning to cache the result of find in Start or Awake