A RaspberryPi Controller and Datalogger for biotope and habitat (Reptile houses, Fish tanks and similar).
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BiotoPi API

The Backend for the BiotoPi Project. A simple PHP Based API class build to easily use the BiotoPi functions.


A Simple Step by Step Guide to install the BiotoPi onto a RaspberryPi (Version 2 or 3). Run this from /var/www. Later we setup a simple PHP Webserver (Apache) to server our Application.

Get the Sourcecode

git clone https://github.com/vaddi/biotopi.git

Prepare the System

Change into the desired Directory:

cd /var/www/biotopi

Prepare the RaspberryPi and install all necessary Packages and Setup the I2C, SPI and other Interfaces by run the installation Script:


Create the configuration file by using config.php.example as Template.

cp config.php.example config.php

Now setup the Database Connection in config.php File.

vim confog.php

There are currently 2 Databases which can be used. Feel free to add a new implemention in the inc/class/Database.php class.

  • SQLite - A Simple Filebased Database
  • MySQL - A MySQL Database connection

Create the Tables

Currently there are no installation processes to create the Database tables and fill them by default data. Only the neccessary SQL Files will be found under the assets/sql folder.

Setup the Webserver

The Application need the PHP Language, which musst be served from a Webserver. Feel free to add nginx or other Webserver. I prefeer Apache.

Ready to use

Open the Website

Use you prefeered Webbrowser to open the Mainpage.