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go-vaddy: VAddy API Command-Line Tool

VAddy API Command-Line Tool using golang

Go-vaddy can start scan and check the result.

OS type

You can use exe files on go-vaddy/bin directory. If you use linux(64bit), use vaddy-linux-64bit.

For example, ./vaddy-linux-64bit api_key userID FQDN

OS file
Linux(64bit) vaddy-linux-64bit
MacOS(64bit) vaddy-macosx-64bit
Windows(64bit) vaddy-win-64bit.exe
FreeBSD(64bit) vaddy-freebsd-64bit
Linux(32bit) vaddy-linux-32bit
Windows(32bit) vaddy-win-32bit.exe
FreeBSD(32bit) vaddy-freebsd-32bit

Usage (start scan and get the result)

Exit status

Go-vaddy returns 0 (no errors, no vulnerabilities) or 1 (errors, 1 or more vulnerabilities).


You can check V1/V2 project on the dashboard screen after login.

for V1 Project

export VADDY_TOKEN="123455667789"  
export VADDY_USER="ichikaway"  
export VADDY_HOST=""  
#export VADDY_CRAWL="30"

for V2 Project

export VADDY_TOKEN="123455667789"
export VADDY_USER="ichikaway"
export VADDY_PROJECT_ID="your project id"
#export VADDY_CRAWL="30"

VADDY_CRAWL is optional. If you don't specify it, VAddy uses the latest crawl data.
You can specify crawl label keyword on VADDY_CRAWL like this

export VADDY_CRAWL="search result pages"  

Command Execution

cd bin

Slack Integration

Setting these OS environment variables, Post message to the slack when VAddy found vulnerabilities.

export SLACK_WEBHOOK_URL="webhook url"
export SLACK_USERNAME="your user (optional)"
export SLACK_CHANNEL="your channel (optional)"
export SLACK_ICON_EMOJI=":smile: (optional)"
export SLACK_ICON_URL="icon url (optional)"
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