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  • 1.0.0-beta1

    go mobile first - notable changes in the script, core CSS and themes
    ported all themes to SASS + Compass (could be easily replaced by Bourbon, etc. if desired)
    made all themes RTL compatible out of the box
    implemented ARIA attributes and improved keyboard navigation (in the script core and in the Keyboard Addon) - credits to Adobe for their valuable research
    changed default collapsible mode behavior - added a dedicated +/- button to toggle sub menus
    added support for [data-sm-reverse] attribute to allow reversing the horizontal alignment of a specific sub menu (check the docs for details)
    Bootstrap add-on: changed Bootstrap collapsible menus behavior - added a dedicated +/- button to toggle sub menus by default
    Bootstrap add-on: added support for [data-sm-skip] and [data-sm-skip-collapsible-behavior] attributes (check the docs for details)
    Bootstrap add-on: do not add SmartMenus ".sub-arrow" carets automatically any more. Bootstrap ".caret" carets can be added in the source like normally in Bootstrap instead
  • 0.9.7

    allow scrolling long sub menus via touch for fixed positioned menu bars
    remove IE6/7/8 Js and CSS tweaks/hacks
    switch to box-sizing:border-box;
    add Bower support
    fix: Bootstrap addon drop-downs z-index issue
    fix: unneeded horizontal scrollbar triggered on RTL pages
  • 0.9.6

    new theme "sm-mint"
    optimize demo page titles
  • 0.9.5

    new: Bootstrap Addon
    micro optimizations
  • 0.9.4

    new: Keyboard Addon
    fix: keyboard navigation on touch devices
    fix: sub menu do not appear in jQuery < 1.9 when global box-sizing: border-box is used
    fix: scrolling arrows wrong alignment for tall sub menu on RTL pages
    generic optimizations
  • 0.9.3

    fix for the global box-sizing:border-box declaration in Bootstrap 3
    update jQuery to 1.10.2
  • 0.9.2

    up the version to 0.9.2 to fix the 0.9.1 tag error
  • 0.9.1

    fixed the demo page link URL
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