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This is an implemetation of the method from our paper Speeding-up Convolutional Neural Networks Using Fine-tuned CP-Decomposition MNIST example, based on MNIST example from caffe, is provided.

Requrements: caffe, python with numpy and scikit-tensor

How to make it work:

  1. Set paths to your caffe installation in
  2. In lenet/lenet.prototxt, edit "source" params of input layers, or copy mnist_train_lmbd and mnist_test_lmdb from caffe/examples/mnist here. LeNet needs input data!
  3. run lenet/, for example like this python lenet/ 5 conv2. First parameter of this script is the number of components R, and the second is layer name. Biggger R leads to more accurate, but slower models. The script will produce model lenet_accelerated.prototxt and weights file lenet_accelerated.caffemodel
  4. Now you can evaluate accelerated model $CAFFE_ROOT/build/tools/caffe time --model lenet_accelerated.prototxt $CAFFE_ROOT/build/tools/caffe test --model lenet_accelerated.prototxt -weights lenet_accelerated.caffemodel
  5. As shown in the paper, finetuning of accelerated model can improve accuracy