LLDB Front-End for Visual Studio Code
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CodeLLDB: a LLDB front end for Visual Studio Code


  • Supports Linux, macOS and Windows (with caveats - see below).
  • Launch processes with configurable stdio redirection.
  • Attach to processes by pid or by name.
  • Scripted custom launch for ultimate flexibility.
  • Function, conditional and regex breakpoints.
  • Disassembly View.
  • LLDB commands and expression evaluation in Debug Console.
  • Configurable result formatting.
  • Display of HTML content.
  • Rust language support (excluding LLDB 3.8).

For full details please see the Manual.

C++ debugging with data visualization (Howto): source
Rust debugging: source


  • Visual Studio Code 1.15.0.
  • LLDB with Python scripting support on system PATH. (Installing LLDB)

Quick Start

Here's a minimal debug configuration to get you started:

    "name": "Launch",
    "type": "lldb",
    "request": "launch",
    "program": "${workspaceFolder}/<my program>",
    "args": ["-arg1", "-arg2"],

See also: Debugging in VS Code, the Manual.