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import * as React from "react";
export interface RenderOptions {
* Output stream where app will be rendered.
* @default process.stdout
readonly stdout?: NodeJS.WriteStream;
* Input stream where app will listen for input.
* @default process.stdin
readonly stdin?: NodeJS.ReadStream;
* Configure whether Ink should listen to Ctrl+C keyboard input and exit the app. This is needed in case `process.stdin` is in raw mode, because then Ctrl+C is ignored by default and process is expected to handle it manually.
* @default true
readonly exitOnCtrlC?: boolean;
* If true, each update will be rendered as a separate output, without replacing the previous one.
* @default false
readonly debug?: boolean;
export type Instance = {
* Replace previous root node with a new one or update props of the current root node.
rerender: <Props>(tree: React.ReactElement<Props>) => void;
* Manually unmount the whole Ink app.
unmount: Unmount;
* Returns a promise, which resolves when app is unmounted.
waitUntilExit: () => Promise<void>;
export type Unmount = () => void;
* Mount a component and render the output.
export function render<Props>(
tree: React.ReactElement<Props>,
options?: NodeJS.WriteStream | RenderOptions
): Instance;
export interface ColorProps {
readonly hex?: string;
readonly hsl?: [number, number, number];
readonly hsv?: [number, number, number];
readonly hwb?: [number, number, number];
readonly rgb?: [number, number, number];
readonly keyword?: string;
readonly bgHex?: string;
readonly bgHsl?: [number, number, number];
readonly bgHsv?: [number, number, number];
readonly bgHwb?: [number, number, number];
readonly bgRgb?: [number, number, number];
readonly bgKeyword?: string;
readonly reset?: boolean;
readonly bold?: boolean;
readonly dim?: boolean;
readonly italic?: boolean;
readonly underline?: boolean;
readonly inverse?: boolean;
readonly hidden?: boolean;
readonly strikethrough?: boolean;
readonly visible?: boolean;
readonly black?: boolean;
readonly red?: boolean;
readonly green?: boolean;
readonly yellow?: boolean;
readonly blue?: boolean;
readonly magenta?: boolean;
readonly cyan?: boolean;
readonly white?: boolean;
readonly gray?: boolean;
readonly grey?: boolean;
readonly blackBright?: boolean;
readonly redBright?: boolean;
readonly greenBright?: boolean;
readonly yellowBright?: boolean;
readonly blueBright?: boolean;
readonly magentaBright?: boolean;
readonly cyanBright?: boolean;
readonly whiteBright?: boolean;
readonly bgBlack?: boolean;
readonly bgRed?: boolean;
readonly bgGreen?: boolean;
readonly bgYellow?: boolean;
readonly bgBlue?: boolean;
readonly bgMagenta?: boolean;
readonly bgCyan?: boolean;
readonly bgWhite?: boolean;
readonly bgBlackBright?: boolean;
readonly bgRedBright?: boolean;
readonly bgGreenBright?: boolean;
readonly bgYellowBright?: boolean;
readonly bgBlueBright?: boolean;
readonly bgMagentaBright?: boolean;
readonly bgCyanBright?: boolean;
readonly bgWhiteBright?: boolean;
* The `<Color>` compoment is a simple wrapper around the `chalk` API. It supports all of the `chalk`'s methods as `props`.
export const Color: React.FC<ColorProps>;
export interface BoxProps {
readonly width?: number | string;
readonly height?: number | string;
readonly minWidth?: number;
readonly minHeight?: number;
readonly paddingTop?: number;
readonly paddingBottom?: number;
readonly paddingLeft?: number;
readonly paddingRight?: number;
readonly paddingX?: number;
readonly paddingY?: number;
readonly padding?: number;
readonly marginTop?: number;
readonly marginBottom?: number;
readonly marginLeft?: number;
readonly marginRight?: number;
readonly marginX?: number;
readonly marginY?: number;
readonly margin?: number;
readonly flexGrow?: number;
readonly flexShrink?: number;
readonly flexDirection?: "row" | "row-reverse" | "column" | "column-reverse";
readonly flexBasis?: string | number;
readonly alignItems?: "flex-start" | "center" | "flex-end";
readonly justifyContent?:
| "flex-start"
| "center"
| "flex-end"
| "space-between"
| "space-around";
* `<Box>` it's an essential Ink component to build your layout. It's like a `<div style="display: flex">` in a browser.
export const Box: React.ComponentClass<BoxProps>;
export interface TextProps {
readonly bold?: boolean;
readonly italic?: boolean;
readonly underline?: boolean;
readonly strikethrough?: boolean;
* This component can change the style of the text, make it bold, underline, italic or strikethrough.
export const Text: React.FC<TextProps>;
* `<Static>` component allows permanently rendering output to stdout and preserving it across renders. Components passed to `<Static>` as children will be written to stdout only once and will never be rerendered. `<Static>` output comes first, before any other output from your components, no matter where it is in the tree. In order for this mechanism to work properly, at most one `<Static>` component must be present in your node tree and components that were rendered must never update their output. Ink will detect new children appended to `<Static>` and render them to stdout.
* __Note__: `<Static>` accepts only an array of children and each of them must have a unique key.
export const Static: React.FC<{children: React.ReactNodeArray}>;
* `<AppContext>` is a React context, which exposes a method to manually exit the app (unmount).
export const AppContext: React.Context<{
* Exit (unmount) the whole Ink app.
readonly exit: () => void;
* <StdinContext> is a React context, which exposes input stream.
export const StdinContext: React.Context<{
* Stdin stream passed to `render()` in `options.stdin` or `process.stdin` by default. Useful if your app needs to handle user input.
readonly stdin: NodeJS.ReadStream;
* Ink exposes this function via own `<StdinContext>` to be able to handle Ctrl+C, that's why you should use Ink's `setRawMode` instead of `process.stdin.setRawMode`.
readonly setRawMode: NodeJS.ReadStream["setRawMode"];
* `<StdoutContext>` is a React context, which exposes stdout stream, where Ink renders your app.
export const StdoutContext: React.Context<{
* Stdout stream passed to `render()` in `options.stdout` or `process.stdout` by default.
readonly stdout: NodeJS.WriteStream;
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