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minimist-options test

Write options for minimist and yargs in a comfortable way. Supports string, boolean, number and array options.


$ npm install --save minimist-options


const buildOptions = require('minimist-options');
const minimist = require('minimist');

const options = buildOptions({
	name: {
		type: 'string',
		alias: 'n',
		default: 'john'

	force: {
		type: 'boolean',
		alias: ['f', 'o'],
		default: false

	score: {
		type: 'number',
		alias: 's',
		default: 0

	arr: {
		type: 'array',
		alias: 'a',
		default: []

	strings: {
		type: 'string-array',
		alias: 's',
		default: ['a', 'b']

	booleans: {
		type: 'boolean-array',
		alias: 'b',
		default: [true, false]

	numbers: {
		type: 'number-array',
		alias: 'n',
		default: [0, 1]

	published: 'boolean',

	// Special option for positional arguments (`_` in minimist)
	arguments: 'string'

const args = minimist(process.argv.slice(2), options);

instead of:

const minimist = require('minimist');

const options = {
	string: ['name', '_'],
	number: ['score'],
	array: [
		{key: 'strings', string: true},
		{key: 'booleans', boolean: true},
		{key: 'numbers', number: true}
	boolean: ['force', 'published'],
	alias: {
		n: 'name',
		f: 'force',
		s: 'score',
		a: 'arr'
	default: {
		name: 'john',
		f: false,
		score: 0,
		arr: []

const args = minimist(process.argv.slice(2), options);

Array options

The array types are only supported by yargs.

minimist does not explicitly support array type options. If you set an option multiple times, it will indeed yield an array of values. However, if you only set it once, it will simply give the value as is, without wrapping it in an array. Thus, effectively ignoring {type: 'array'}.

{type: 'array'} is shorthand for {type: 'string-array'}. To have values coerced to boolean or number, use boolean-array or number-array, respectively.


MIT © Vadim Demedes