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J.D. Koftinoff Software, Ltd's C++ MIDI Library Source Code

Released under the GPL (GNU PUBLIC LICENSE): Apr 27, 2004

For details of the GPL please see the file:

Please see the documentation in the subdirectory: 

Supported Operating Systems
          Mac OS X,
          other Unix style systems,
          other embedded systems, 16 bit, 32 bit, 64 bit.
Supported Compilers:
          GNU gcc 3.4,4.0 - 4.4
          MSVC 6,7,8,9
          Intel C++          
This library was originally a collection of utility functions for MIDI written in C back in 1986 for the Atari ST computer. Since then it has evolved into a fairly powerful C++ MIDI Library including:

    * MIDI parsing
    * MIDI Show Control message creation and handling
    * Standard MIDI File type 0 and type 1 reading and writing
    * Timestamped MIDI message and System Exclusive encapsulation
    * Efficient MIDI Track objects for sequencing
    * MIDI Track objects for editing MIDI events
    * MIDI message process chains
    * Containers for multiple MIDI Tracks with iterators
    * MIDI Sequencer core for sequencing and triggering GUI events
    * MIDI Driver abstractions for I/O and sequencing
    * MIDI Driver implementation for Win32 for I/O and sequencing
    * Tempo calculations
    * MIDI Matrix to count note on's and off's and hold pedals to avoid stuck notes and all-notes-off problems when merging midi streams
    * SMPTE management and calculations 
    * MIDI Utilities useful functions

This project now includes copyrighted content from multiple contributors.
Please see the file "AUTHORS" for more information.


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