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Flexible Mobile First CSS Grid System Based on Flexbox.
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Flexible Mobile First Grid System Based on Flexbox.

Ecligrid is production ready. It is widely used in public projects and can be used in your next project, if you don't care about ancient browsers and possible IE10-11 (not Edge) bugs.

At the time of writing this, global support of the flex property (as stated by is 95.74% (77.48% fully supported and 18.25% partially supported, which is primarily because of certain IE bugs).

List of known IE 10-11 issues.


  • Easy to get started and use, yet feature-rich thanks to powerful Flexbox
  • Supports both X & Y axis
  • Mobile first approach
  • Responsive by default
  • Plenty of utility classes
  • Only 6.5KB minified & gzipped

##Basic Usage Coming soon.

##Documentation Coming soon.

##Notes Ecligrid comes with utility classes (offsets, paddings, etc.) and basic CSS reset. These can be manually omitted, thus significantly reducing the file size.

##Contribution If you find an issue or just have a proposal, feel free to post it. Pull requests are also welcome.

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