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Reference-based compression of SRA data
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CRAMTools is a set of Java tools and APIs for efficient compression of sequence read data. Although this is intended as a stable version the code is released as early access. Parts of the CRAMTools are experimental and may not be supported in the future.

Version 0.3
Input files:
Reference sequence in fasta format <fasta file>
Reference sequence index file <fasta file>.fai created using samtools (samtools faidx <fasta file>)
Input BAM file <BAM file> sorted by reference coordinates
BAM index file <BAM file>.bai created using samtools (samtools index <BAM file>)
Download and run the program:
Download the prebuilt runnable jar file from:
Execute the command line program: java -jar cramtools.jar
Usage is printed if no arguments were given 
To convert a BAM file to CRAM:

java -jar cramtools.jar cram --input-bam-file <bam file> --reference-fasta-file <reference fasta file> [--output-cram-file <output cram file>]
To convert a CRAM file to BAM:
java -jar cramtools.jar bam --input-cram-file <input cram file> --reference-fasta-file <reference fasta file> --output-bam-file <output bam file>
To build the program from source:
To check out the source code from github you will need git client:
Make sure you have java 1.6 or higher: or
Make sure you have ant version 1.7 or higher:
git clone git://
ant -f build/build.xml runnable
java -jar cramtools.jar
To run unit tests:
 ant -f build/build.xml test
Read quality masking (RQM).
By default in this version quality scores are not stored unless a special file containing read quality masks is provided in the input. Two RQM formats are provisionally supported:
1. Each line is a combination of 'on' and 'off' symbols. 
2. Each line consists of decimal read positions delimited by space. 

Examples can be found in the test datasets provided. 

Known issues
- BamRoundTripTests fails on one of the test datasets (set1). This is due to the design defect in dealing with long-distance pairing information. The issue has high priority and will be fixed in the next release. 
- BAM->CRAM->BAM produces BAM file which is much smaller than the original BAM file. Therefore when comparing BAM vs CRAM this fact should be taken into account. 
- Performance is heavily affected by file IO, namely by reading BAM and reference files.
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