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Releases: vadr-vr/VR-Analytics-Unity-SDK

Unity Plugin v0.2.1

22 Dec 07:57
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What's New

Added Events for Oculus Rift like (Headset Removal, Tracking Lost, No. of Trackers, Tracking Area, etc.)
Added Events specific to Oculus Rift Touch Controller (Button Presses).
Added configuration to stop data collection on headset removal.

Unity Plugin v0.2.0

22 Nov 05:58
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What's New

  1. Support for 360 video and images analytics added.
  2. Feature to export and upload scenes directly from Unity.
  3. Added compression engine to scene model for better experience on the web.
  4. Configuration Window.
  5. Important metrics added.
  6. Other Performance improvement.
  7. Documentation :

Unity Plugin v0.1.0

20 Nov 05:26
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  1. VR specific metrics user gaze, movement, interaction with objects, device performance, etc.
  2. Export Scene Model to easily visualize heatmaps overlaid on the model.