Find out where is the given header included from.
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Simple script to find all files including the given C or C++ header file, possibly indirectly, via some other header. I.e. unlike a simple grep -l '#include "foo.h"' *.h, where-inc foo.h *.h will also find the headers including bar.h which, in turn, includes foo.h. This can be useful to find possible dependencies in a big project.


This is a Perl script without any non-core dependencies, so it doesn't require any installation but does require a working Perl (any not horribly outdated version should do).


Typically the script will be called with at least some header files, as otherwise it work in almost the same way as grep (except much slower), e.g.

where-inc foo.h include/*.h src/*.cpp

If it's unclear how some file in the output ends up including the header, --show-how option may be added to display the inclusion path.

It is also possible to show all (input) files not including the given header using the --invert-match option or its short form -v:

where-inc -v prologue.h include/*.h

If the headers being searched are included not just by their name but using some prefix, e.g. #include <mylib/foo.hpp>, then this prefix must be given on the command line using --prefix or -p, for short, option for the correct operation:

where-inc -p mylib mylib/foo.h include/mylib/*.h

The --verbose option can be added to show some informative messages.


Probably many, but the main limitation is that the script makes no attempt to parse the input sources, beyond recognizing C and C++ comments in them, so it still considers the files including the given header inside #if 0 or similar as including it.


MIT, see LICENSE file for the details.