Decreased FPS with Player Frames and Rogue in Dungeon #16

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DrGerm commented Mar 15, 2012

I'm not an expert to know what to exactly report, but this is a problem I've noticed:

Under the following conditions, I have a decrease in FPS from ~ 60 down to ~12 (25%) while only having SpartanUI (with OUF and Bartender) turned on and all my other addons turned off.

  1. Only occurs to me when I enter a random dungeon and oddly the problem immediately resolves after clearing the last boss of the dungeon. I'm talking as soon as I get the message that it's done (and while still in the dungeon), I instantaneously go back to ~60 FPS (or higher). I don't get this problem out in the world, in cities, in buildings, etc. I've noticed this at least 5 times in at least 2 different dungeons - problem occurs every single time.
  2. Playing a rogue; I haven't had this problem with a mage or a priest, so never noticed this until I recently started playing one. Can't comment about other classes.
  3. The problem is fully resolved when I turn off the unit player frames. I haven't noticed a difference if I turn off the party frames.
  4. I've turned the in-game graphics around to see if this was the root problem, but I get the same exact FPS no matter what (i.e. if running Ultra or Low, doesn't matter).

My Theory: it has something to do with rogue + player frames; but it confuses me why it only occurs while in a random dugeon and instantly goes away after clearing the last boss.

Thanks for working on this UI btw, it's been my favorite for a very long time :)

DrGerm commented Mar 21, 2012

I've now had the same problem with a differenct character, a hunter, and done some more research in the wowinterface comments. It would appear this problem has been described before and may not be class specific.

These are from comments in the forums:

"This isn't really a "fix" per se, but I did some digging in the LUA and I was able to get the maddening errors to go away by commenting a few lines in the PlayerFrames addon.

open "SpartanUI_PlayerFrames/scripts/Unit-PlayerFrame.lua"

lines 121 to 125 will be this:

if ( mode == "time" ) then

change it to this:

if ( mode == "time" ) then

I don't know what other ramifications this might have, but... it seems to work for me to suppress the endless errors in my limited testing. Your mileage may vary, caveat emptor, etc. etc. etc.

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