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A simple framework for implementing a Google IoT device.

This package makes use of the context package to handle request cancelation, timeouts, and deadlines. Go Report Card Go Docs Mentioned in Awesome Go

Copyright 2018, Andrew C. Young <>

License: MIT

Here is an example showing how to use this library:

package main

import (
	// Your client must include the paho package
	// to use the default Eclipse Paho MQTT client.
	_ ""

func main() {
	ctx := context.Background()

	id := &iot.ID{
		DeviceID:  "deviceName",
		Registry:  "my-registry",
		Location:  "asia-east1",
		ProjectID: "my-project",

	credentials, err := iot.LoadRSACredentials("rsa_cert.pem", "rsa_private.pem")
	if err != nil {
		panic("Couldn't load credentials")

	options := iot.DefaultOptions(id, credentials)
	options.DebugLogger = log.Println
	options.InfoLogger = log.Println
	options.ErrorLogger = log.Println
	options.ConfigHandler = func(thing iot.Thing, config []byte) {
		// Do something here to process the updated config and create an updated state string
		state := []byte("ok")
		thing.PublishState(ctx, state)

	thing := iot.New(options)

	err = thing.Connect(ctx, "ssl://")
	if err != nil {
		panic("Couldn't connect to server")
	defer thing.Disconnect(ctx)

	// This publishes to /events
	thing.PublishEvent(ctx, []byte("Top level telemetry event"))
	// This publishes to /events/a
	thing.PublishEvent(ctx, []byte("Sub folder telemetry event"), "a")
	// This publishes to /events/a/b
	thing.PublishEvent(ctx, []byte("Sub folder telemetry event"), "a", "b")

Thanks to Infostellar for supporting my development of this project.