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A Golang client for Google IoT Core
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A simple framework for implementing a Google IoT device.

This package makes use of the context package to handle request cancelation, timeouts, and deadlines. Go Report Card Go Docs

Copyright 2018, Andrew C. Young <>

License: MIT

Here is an example showing how to use this library:

package main

import (
	// Your client must include the paho package
	// to use the default Eclipse Paho MQTT client.
	_ ""

func main() {
	ctx := context.Background()

	id := &iot.ID{
		DeviceID:  "deviceName",
		Registry:  "my-registry",
		Location:  "asia-east1",
		ProjectID: "my-project",

	credentials, err := iot.LoadRSACredentials("rsa_cert.pem", "rsa_private.pem")
	if err != nil {
		panic("Couldn't load credentials")

	options := iot.DefaultOptions(id, credentials)
	options.DebugLogger = log.Println
	options.InfoLogger = log.Println
	options.ErrorLogger = log.Println
	options.ConfigHandler = func(thing iot.Thing, config []byte) {
		// Do something here to process the updated config and create an updated state string
		state := []byte("ok")
		thing.PublishState(ctx, state)

	thing := iot.New(options)

	err = thing.Connect(ctx, "ssl://")
	if err != nil {
		panic("Couldn't connect to server")
	defer thing.Disconnect(ctx)

	// This publishes to /events
	thing.PublishEvent(ctx, []byte("Top level telemetry event"))
	// This publishes to /events/a
	thing.PublishEvent(ctx, []byte("Sub folder telemetry event"), "a")
	// This publishes to /events/a/b
	thing.PublishEvent(ctx, []byte("Sub folder telemetry event"), "a", "b")

Thanks to Infostellar for supporting my development of this project.

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