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Compare files or directories, including metadata

Author: Martin Väth (martin at

This project is under a BSD type license, meaning that you can do practically everything with it except removing my name.

The command comp is similar to diff -r -q, but it compares also metadata like symlinks, timestamps, permissions, partial content, etc.

You can specify in great detail which data actually will be compared or ignored, whether symlinks will be followed, etc.

Use comp --man to get an extended help as a manpage.

This is a ground-up rewrite and redesign of the comp-old script (originally called comp) from

The script requires perl-5.12 or newer and some modules shipped with that perl version. In addition, it is recommended to have the String::ShellQuote module installed to get an improved output, though this is not mandatory.

To install this script, simply copy the content of bin/ to your $PATH. To obtain zsh completion support, also put the content of zsh/ into your $fpath. (If you do not have root access, you can add the corresponding directory with fpath+=("...") before you call compdef from your zsh initialization files).

For installation under Gentoo, you can use the ebuild from the mv overlay (which is available over layman).