A POSIX shell wrapper for "cp -i -a", making use of "diff".
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(C) Martin Väth <martin@mvath.de>
This project is under the BSD license.

A POSIX shell wrapper for "cp -i -a" and "mv -i", making use of "diff".

This is a somewhat verbose frontend for cp -i -a and mv -i:
For each file you see the differences before you confirm/reject
the copying/moving.

You get more detailed instructions by calling
	cpi -h
	mvi -h

The cpi variant requires that your "cp" command supports the non-POSIX options
-a -d --preserve=timestamps

For installation just copy the content of bin/ into your path.
To obtain support for zsh completion, copy the content of zsh/ to zsh's $fpath.

For Gentoo, there is an ebuild in the mv overlay (available by layman).