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A POSIX shell script to compile the kernel with user permissions. Intended for Gentoo linux
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(C) Martin Väth This project is under the BSD license.

If you want to configure/compile your linux kernel as a user and install it as root, usually several standard commands should be entered. I got bored of typing these over and over and thus have written a convenient script to automate this task.

This POSIX shell script is optimized for usage under Gentoo with portage (and can use app-portage/eix-0.32.2 or newer to speed up): It uses portage to determine some default paths and settings; it is currently untested in different environments.

You must have from (v2.0 or newer) in your $PATH.

This script requires that you have set KBUILD_OUTPUT so that the output really can occur as a user. (You should set it also in the root environment or in make.conf to the same value so that ebuilds will honour that place).

If you want to transfer X data, you should also have the sudox script from (v4.1.0 or better newer) in your $PATH. If you want that the hard status line is set, also the title script from (version 2.3 o newer) is required in your $PATH.


For installation, copy the content of bin/ with executable permission in your $PATH (perhaps to /usr/bin). To obtain support for zsh completion, copy the content of zsh/ to a directory of your zsh's $fpath (perhaps to /usr/share/zsh/site-functions/).

There is also an ebuild in the mv repository (available by app-select/eselect-repository or app-portage/layman).

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