Search and/or replace regular expressions within many files interactively
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Search and/or replace regular expressions within many files interactively.

(C) Martin Väth (martin at This project is under the BSD license.

There is a successor project Use that instead since it is better in almost every aspect:

When I wrote this code many years ago, python has just been released. There was no python style recommendation out there (or I was not aware of). From current viewpoint the code reads rather ugly and hardly pythonic. However, I left it unchanged except for some python2/3 compatibility quirks.

pyrep (Python grep) is a python script with which you can search and also replace regular expressions in a collection of files. Its functionality is similar to the perl script plrep from

To install this script, just copy the content of bin/ into your $PATH. To get zsh completion, copy the content of zsh/ to your zsh's $fpath, perhaps /usr/share/zsh/site-functions/.

For Gentoo, there is an ebuild in the mv repository (available by app-select/eselect-repository or app-portage/layman).