Scripts to run commands and set the hard status line (windows title)
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(C) Martin Väth <>
This project is under the BSD license.

Scripts to run commands and set the hard status line (windows title)

For installation, copy the content of bin/ in your path.
To obtain support for zsh completion (also for other programs using title),
you can copy the content of zsh/ into a directory of zsh's $fpath.

This project contains two simple scripts:

Runs a command, setting the title and ringing the bell if command fails.
There are options to repeat the command (a number of times or if it fails).
Use runner -h to obtain a description.

Sets the hard status line if the terminal supports it.
Use title -h to obtain a description.

If you do not give a text to "title", nothing is printed
(pass an empty text if you want to clear the status line).

You can source "title" into a POSIX shell with
TitleInit() {
. title "$@"
Then the function "TitleInit" can be used with the same meaning as "title",
(but can be used repeatedly without restarting title).
Moreover, after "TitleInit" the function "Title" can be used (also repeatedly)
to set the title according to the options of "TitleInit".
Also, there are functions TitlePlain and TitleVerbose which act corresponding
to title -p or title -P, respectively.
If you only want to define Title, TitlePlain, TitleVerbose, and TitleInit
by sourcing, use option -q in the call to TitleInit.
The function TitleInit may override variable names of the form titleinit_*_

The following function Title will define Title, TitlePlain, TitleVerbose,
and TitleInit appropriately at its first call (if title is in the path)
and then act as Title:

Title() {
Title() {
command -v title >/dev/null 2>&1 || return 0
TitleInit() {
. title "$@"
TitleInit [options to title] -- "$@"

In the file bin/runner you find an example how this can be combined with
setting a trap so that a sane title is "restored" at program exit.

If you write a program using Title, I recommend to equip this program
with an option with an argument which is passed to TitleInit, and where
the option argument '-' means that the title script is not used.
Since version 2.3 you can get a proper zsh completion for such an option
for your program by using the provided autoloaded function _title_opt;
see zsh/_runner for a sample usage of that function.