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Frontends for using mplayer/mencoder, ffmpeg/libav, or tzap as video recorder
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(C) Martin Väth <>
This project is under the BSD license.

Frontends for using mplayer/mencoder, ffmpeg/libav, or tzap as video recorder

The POSIX scripts video{,encode}.{mplayer,ffmpeg} are wrappers for
mplayer/mencoder ffmpeg/libav to record from TV or
to improve the encoding (in possibly several passes), respectively.

In addition there are the scripts sleepto and videorecord.{mplayer,ffmpeg}
which can help you to start video.{mplayer,ffmpeg} at an appropriate time.

Finally, there is a dvb-t script which allows you to start tzap
at an appropriate time with appropriate options.

To install these scripts simply copy the content of bin into your PATH
and the content of etc into /etc or also into your PATH.
The latter is supposed to be modified to the defaults which you want
(e.g. matching your hardware).
To obtain support for zsh completion, you can copy the content of zsh/
into a directory of zsh's $fpath.  If you use dvb-t with completion,
I remmend to enable case-insensitive matching in zsh by putting the line
zstyle ':completion:*' matcher-list '' 'm:{a-zA-Z}={A-Za-z}'
into your ~/.zshrc

You also need from in your path.
If you want that the hard status line is set, also the title script from (version >=2.3) is required in your path.

To get help run in a shell
	video.mplayer -\?  (-h is reserved for "hue")
	videoencode.mplayer -h
	videorecord.mplayer -h
	sleepto -h

For Gentoo, there is an ebuild in the mv overlay (available by layman).
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