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This plugin helps Sketch product designers working on trading, finance and other big data projects generate decimals, custom numbers (currency, percentages etc.) en masse.
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Sketch Plugin: Decimal Number Generator

This plugin is made for Sketch product designers working on trading, finance and other industries dealing with specific, custom, complex numbers. Specifically, you'll be able to quickly select text layers and within a moment generate decimal, custom number values and more. You can also add preffix/suffix of currency, percentages, degree types etc.

animated demo of the plugin

Quick demo (UI mockup: Olga Bykova)

How tos:


  • Download as a .zip or clone on desktop


  • Double click the downloaded .sketch file to install immediately, or...
  • Drag the downloaded file into your Sketch /Plugins folder

How to use:

  • Do the design magic
  • Launch the plugin from the plugin menu
  • Select all text layers to generate new decimal and custom character values
  • Optional: Specify example output, e.g. '0.1234'; will return 4 random decimals, first number randomised 0-9 for each of the selected text fields
  • Optional: Adjust custom settings: number of decimals, first number: randomised range 0-9, or specific number 0-9; custom character preffix/suffix (currencies, types, degrees, percentages etc.)
  • Hit generate to override your text fields
  • Share with a friend

What's new:

v1.0: Initial release

Hello's, feedback, requests etc: /

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