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This piece of software can combine multiple csv/xls/xlsx files into one Google Sheet depending on the ranges the user defined for each file.

The user must define:

Title [optional] The title the new sheet will have. This will be also printed on header of the new sheet. If not supplied a default value (opj followed by the current date) will be used
Github [optional] The link to a github page
Author [optional] The name of the author
Auth [optional] A folder where the authentication file will be stored. If not used the new file will be created on a default user
Folder [optional] The Google Drive folder under where the new file will be stored
Share [optional] If used the new file will be shared with anyone with a link. If not used and no user authentication is supplied, the new file will not be available to you

[The following block is multiple accepted for multiple files]

File The local path to the file
Range A range from the above file to be copied. For multiple ranges repeat the option or combine with with /. ie -range A1:B2 -range A3:B6/A9:A10
Keyword [optional multiple available] The keywords to describe the current datasource
Source The source (textual or other) of the data
Url [optional] The url/web address of the source or the query/API call used
From [optional] The starting date of the data is referenced
To [optional] The ending date of the data is referenced
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