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m10c theme


A Hugo minimalistic theme for bloggers

Main features:

  • Fully responsive
  • Twitter Cards, Open Graph, Disqus and Google Analytics supported (see Hugo docs)
  • Customizable colors
  • Customizable picture and description
  • Customizable menu on sidebar
  • Customizable social media links on sidebar
  • Optimized for performance 100/100 on Lighthouse
  • All feather icons included

Getting started


Create a new Hugo site:

$ hugo new site [path]

Clone this repository into themes/ directory:

$ cd [path]
$ git clone themes/m10c

Add this line in the config.toml file:

theme = "m10c"


In your config.toml file, define the following variables in params:

  • author: Name of the author
  • description: Short description of the author
  • avatar: Path of file containing the author avatar image
  • menu_item_separator: Separator between each menu item. HTML allowed (default: " - ")
  • favicon: Absolute path of your favicon.ico file (default: "/favicon.ico")

To add a menu item, add the following lines in menu:

  identifier = "tags"
  name = "Tags"
  url = "/tags/"

Read Hugo documentations for more informations about menu

To add a social link, add the following lines in params:

  icon = "github"
  name = "My Github"
  url = ""

To change theme colors, add the following lines in params:

  darkestColor = "#d35050"
  darkColor = "#212121"
  lightColor = "#f5e3e0"
  lightestColor = "#f5f5f5"
  primaryColor = "#ffffff"

If you want the above theme colors, you can see the exampleSite/config.toml file.


To override styles using scss, add a file called _extra.scss to [path]/assets/css/

Note: Hugo releases come in two versions, hugo and hugo_extended. You need hugo_extended to automatically compile your scss.


This theme is released under the MIT License.