Simple PHP Web app to track applications for work. Built around year 2000 so very Web 1.0 uses php smarty for its template engine.
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Job Applications Tracker

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Simple PHP Web app to track applications for work. Built around year 2000, so very Web 1.0

Uses php smarty for its template engine.

What is it

Job Applications Tracker is a web based system using PHP and MySQL that allows you to keep track of your job applications. The system allows you to log individual job applications and link them to particular agents, agencies, and locations, as well as where you saw the role advertised. You can then attach arbitrary data to a job along with individual notes each time you talk to an agent. You can then crossreference all the data allowing you to make informed decisions on which agents are being helpfull and which are not.

Should you be in a situation where you are required to attend regular signing on sessions for unemployment then the JSA Report section will allow you to quickly generate a report of your attempts to find work. Afterall if you are in the unfortunate position to be need these reports you probably want to spend your time looking for work rather than writing reports about it.

Where can you get it

You can get the latest version from the project homepage on github ( was sourceforge but I moved it over ) at:-

How do you install it

Check the INSTALL file for pre-requisits and install details.


Well you could suggest patches and fixed, but to be frank this code is a little long in the tooth now. I am planning to take a look at rebuilding it with more modern frameworks. This was originally a project to learn php ( which probably shows ).