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A base for start and deploy a project using Grunt: The JavaScript Task Runner
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Grunt Boilerplate

A base to start and deploy your project usign Grunt: The JavaScript Task Runner

Getting Started

  • First, you need to have Node.JS and NPM installed.

  • Clone Grunt Boilerplate

$ git clone
  • Enter in the folder
$ cd grunt-boilerplate
  • Install dependencies
$ sudo npm install
  • Change package.json file adding your project's info

  • Change the deploy remote host (if you want to deploy)

deploylive: {
    src: './dist/',
    dest: '/var/www/yourproject',
    host: 'root@yourhost',
    recursive: true,
    syncDest: true  
  • Customize and add grunt tasks for your needs

  • When everything is ok, just run

$ sudo grunt


Code is under MIT license © Vagner Santana.

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