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Vagrant Libvirt Example Box

Vagrant providers each require a custom provider-specific box format. This folder shows the example contents of a box for the libvirt provider. To turn this into a box create a vagrant image according documentation (don't forget to install rsync command) and create box with following command:

$ tar cvzf custom_box.box ./metadata.json ./Vagrantfile ./box.img

This box works by using Vagrant's built-in Vagrantfile merging to setup defaults for Libvirt. These defaults can easily be overwritten by higher-level Vagrantfiles (such as project root Vagrantfiles).

Box Metadata

Libvirt box should define at least three data fields in metadata.json file.

  • provider - Provider name is libvirt.
  • format - Currently supported format is qcow2.
  • virtual_size - Virtual size of image in GBytes.

Converting Boxes

Instead of creating a box from scratch, you can use vagrant-mutate to take boxes created for other Vagrant providers and use them with vagrant-libvirt.