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spring-security-contactus 0.2

Grails spring-security-contactus is a rewrite of http://grails.org/plugin/contact-me

Dependency :

    compile ":spring-security-contactus:0.2"

2.4 notes:

To get it working under grails 2.4 for now you will need to add the following to your BuildConfig.groovy, under plugins:

runtime ":cache-headers:1.1.7"

Full instructions for 2.4 apps:

Tried to follow this page and found I was lost, so I have made a new page explaining from the very start on a 2.4 asset driven site, should be useful for pre 2.4 resources based. More informative than a lot of this here. Grails 2.4 from scratch with spring-security-contactus

install jquery-ui within your project

Then enable both jquery and jquery-ui in your main.gsp

<g:javascript library="jquery"/>
<g:javascript library="jquery-ui"/>

Refer to your contact page via a remotefunction like below:

 <!-- added in spring-security-contactus form here as a button for test purposes -->
 <button id=boxbtn onclick="<g:remoteFunction controller="ContactUs" action="index" update="siteContent" />">contact</button>
 <div id="siteContent"> </div>

Ensure you have enabled and configured all of these values in your config.groovy :


simpleCaptcha {
		// font size used in CAPTCHA images
		fontSize = 30
		height = 200
		width = 200
		// number of characters in CAPTCHA text
		length = 6
		// amount of space between the bottom of the CAPTCHA text and the bottom of the CAPTCHA image
		bottomPadding = 16
		// distance between the diagonal lines used to obfuscate the text
		lineSpacing = 10
		// the charcters shown in the CAPTCHA text must be one of the following
grails.plugin.springsecurity.controllerAnnotations.staticRules = [
		'/': ['permitAll'],
		'/index': ['permitAll'],
		'/index.gsp': ['permitAll'],
		'/**/js/**': ['permitAll'],
		'/**/css/**': ['permitAll'],
		'/**/images/**': ['permitAll'],
		'/**/favicon.ico': ['permitAll'],
		'/**/simpleCaptcha/captcha': ['permitAll'],
		'/simpleCaptcha/captcha': ['permitAll'],
		'/**/contactus/**': ['permitAll'],
		'/contactus/**': ['permitAll']

refer to : https://github.com/vahidhedayati/spcontacttest/ for a sample site using this plugin

You will need a domain class called ContactUs or whatever you wish it to be called - just ensure the config in the config.grooy table name matches this name: (this is the sample domainClass taken from within the plugin - it uses to generate the form view:) it needs to be identical so far as fields and configuration goes.

package grails.plugins.springsecurity.contactus

class ContactUsMaster {
	Date dateCreated
	String name
	String email
	String username
	String subject
	String message
	String captcha
	static constraints = {
		name(blank: false)
		email(blank: false, email: true)
		subject(blank: false)
		message(minSize: 10, blank: false)
	static optionals = [ 'username'  ]
	static mapping = {
		message type: 'text'
		username  defaultValue: ''
	static transients = ['captcha']
	static afterContactUs = { form, params ->
		new ContactUsMaster(name:form.name, email:form.email, username:form.username, subject:form.subject, message:form.message).save()