Cross-platform Qt5 based IDE for reverse-engineering android applications.
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A Cross-Platform IDE for Reverse-Engineering (Disassembling, Hacking & Rebuilding) Android applications - featuring a friendly UI and Code editor with Syntax-highlighting support


  • Disassembling & Rebuilding APKs
  • Code Editor with Syntax Highlighting (java smali xml yml)
  • Built-in Image viewer for Resources
  • Single-click APK Signing with embedded key-store (New)
  • Android Signing scheme v2 Support (New)
  • Flexible Keystore & Key-Alias import
  • Automatic Zip-Aligning with embedded zipalign (New)
  • Single-click App Install to device
  • Frameworks Support




  • JDK >= 8

  • Apktool

    Download latest apktool, rename it to apktool.jar and put it in the following path:

    • Linux: /home/{your-user-name}/.apkstudio/vendor/apktool.jar
    • Windows: C:\Users\{your-user-name}\.apkstudio\vendor\apktool.jar

    If you've apktool.jar already installed in the specified path, replace it with the new one and execute the following command in same path: java -jar apktool.jar empty-framework-dir --force

  • uber-apk-signer

    Download latest uber-apk-signer, rename it to uber-apk-signer.jar and put it in the following path:

    • Linux: /home/{your-user-name}/.apkstudio/vendor/uber-apk-signer.jar
    • Windows: C:\Users\{your-user-name}\.apkstudio\vendor\uber-apk-signer.jar
  • adb (optional) and zipalign (linux_x86 only)

    • Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb zipalign
    • Windows: adb driver




Screenshot #1

Screenshot #2


Same as Apktool, APK Studio is neither intended for piracy nor other non-legal uses. It could be used for localizing, adding some features or support for custom platforms, analyzing applications & much more.