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This is a learning exercise and an API for git, in that order. Please do not use this code in production. Instead I would recommend Vincent Hanquez's excellent and very educational hs-git.

I gave a presentation on this project.

What this library does

  • Reads and writes loose blobs, trees, commits, and tags.
  • Reads full packfiles.
  • Reads and writes git refs.

Some things this library does not do (yet)

  • Generate a packfile index from a packfile.
  • Support arbitrary backends besides file storage.
  • Read .git/index
  • Diffs (you can get surprisingly far without them!)
  • Provide Functor, Applicative, or Monad instances for a repository, whatever that means.


Although this is primarily a way for me to learn both Haskell and git at the same time, there a couple of (I think) cool things I would like to do with this library:

  • Use git as a NoSQL store, i.e. using git data formats to persist data for an application. Irmin is exactly this for OCaml but I don't know of an equivalent in Haskell (although filestore comes close). This means eventually supporting pluggable backends like Irmin and libgit2 do so that you're not limited to a filesystem backend.
  • A GraphQL/other query language interface to a git repository's commits. If commits form a beautiful acyclic directed graph, there has to be a better way of querying them than git log.

Getting Started

  1. Set up stack if you haven't already.
  2. Clone this repository: git clone git@github.com:vaibhavsagar/duffer.git
  3. cd duffer
  4. stack test
  5. Tests should all pass. If they don't, please open an issue.