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Better Code Reviews

A little website, trying to change how we think about code reviews in a big way!πŸš€


There's a lot of questions still to be answered and data that needs to be collected and analyzed!

Here is a rough set of TODOs/questions that would be nice to answer:

  • Do years of experience and opinions on code reviews have any correlation?
  • Do programmers working in a particular language/framework spend more time reviewing than others?
  • Do programmers working in a particular language/framework wait for peer review than others?
  • Do programmers working in a particular language/framework require more reviewers before merging a PR than others?
  • What percentage of programmers do not use a Github-based pull request + review system?
  • How much time, on average, do junior or entry-level developers spend reviewing a pull request? How much time do senior developers spend?
  • How often do junior or entry-level developers have to make changes to their PR's? And how often do senior developers have to do the same?
  • What percentage of senior or expereinced developers merge their PR's without having anyone else review them?
  • What role does the reviewee's gender play in how long a code review takes to be merged? Or how many comments it receives?


If you only have a few minutes to help out, you can take the survey that is the basis for all of the code review data.

If you have more time to give: I'm looking for data scientists, graph nerds, and developers to help me analyze all this data and make this website prettier!

Please check out the file for guidelines for contributing.


A website that seeks to understand what makes a good code review πŸš€






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