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<div id="collections-new" class="collections-details">
<h3>{{ _('Start a New Collection') }}</h3>
{{ field(, _('Name:')) }}
{% set slug_base = url('collections.user', user.get_profile().username, add_prefix=False) %}
<p id="collection-form-slug">
{{ form.errors.slug }}
<label>{{ form.slug.label }}</label>
<span id="slug_edit" class="edit_with_prefix edit_initially_hidden">
<span>{{ slug_base }}</span>{{ form.slug }}
<span id="slug_readonly">
{{ slug_base }}<span id="slug_value"></span>
<a id="edit_slug" href="#">{{ _('Edit') }}</a>
{{ form.errors.description }}
<label for="id_description">{{ form.description.label }}</label> {{ _('(optional)') }}
{{ form.description }}
<label>{{ form.listed.label }}</label>
{{ form.listed }}
<p class="note">
{% trans legal='' %}
As noted in our
<a href="{{ legal }}">Legal Notices</a>, individual collection
arrangements are governed by the Creative Commons Attribution
Share-Alike License
{% endtrans %}
<input type="submit" value="{{ _('Create Collection') }}">
{% trans %}or <a id="collections-new-cancel" href="#">Cancel</a>{% endtrans %}
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