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Explain commands using ASCII art
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Add a real README file and trim manpage

A README contains a brief description of the program and everything you
need to know before installing the program. Afterwards, you can have a
look at the manpage to get to know more details like command line

Also add a README.developers explaining the test suite.
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explain reads a simple markup language and allows you to annotate
commands using ASCII art, like this:

    vim -p .bashrc .vimrc
    \_/ |  \____________/
     |  |         |
     |  |         \- Which files to open?
     |  |
     |  \- Open the files in tabs.
     \- Open the editor.


explain is a Python 3 script and requires no external libraries.

If you're on Arch Linux, you can use the following AUR package:



There's many ways to run the program. The most common one is to run it
on your terminal and specify required options:

    $ explain <myfile

Refer to the manpage for all options.
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